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About Mookie Toys

Mookie Toys is a leading global supplier, distributor and manufacturer of branded and licensed toys across multiple categories including outdoor, infant/pre-school, plush and ride-ons. Formed in 1987, Mookie has been promoting a world of play to children of all ages for over 25 years and is well established as a top 10 UK toy supplier.

With 2 UK offices and 1 in Hong Kong, the Mookie Team is proud to support all of our brands through development, production and into market. Check out who we are by visiting our team page here - and if you are interested in joining us, contact us via our careers page!

Mookie’s heritage is in outdoor sports toys and is best known for the Swingball® brand for which it acquired the global rights in 1993. Swingball remains one of the top selling toys in the UK and in 2014 celebrates its 40th anniversary! 

Mookie is also the UK’s number one supplier of ride-ons with Smart Trike™, Scuttlebug™ and Scramblebug™ among its core brands.

In 2012 Mookie acquired TP Toys out of administration and in the process added an award winning brand of larger outdoor toys including slides, swings and trampolines to its portfolio, a more complete outdoor offering for all types of retailer.

With its own in house product design team, Mookie is constantly innovating and developing new lines for all brands, and are always interested in hearing the ideas of other inventors too. If you have a great product idea, and think Mookie can help you bring it to life, let us know in our inventors area!

The current leading range within the Mookie portfolio is Pillow Pets™, an innovative plush range that doubles as a pillow and a cuddly toy for pre-schoolers and tweens alike. Pillow Pets remains the UK’s best selling plush line and in 2014 the range expands with addition of new licenses.

Also launching in 2014 will be Mookie's own range of Mr Men™ Little Miss™ plush and playsets, Hello Kitty™ plush and a new sports activity range, Atomic Poppers™, offering a younger and less aggressive assortment of play shooters and accessories to one of the largest and most successful categories.

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