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Kazooloo Stars On The Gadget Show

07th March, 2016

Recently Kazooloo made a starring appearance on the ever popular Gadget Show on Channel 5. The show featured a review of Toy Fair, demonstrating and reviewing the tech toys which they believe will be a success in 2016.

Kazooloo was the first toy demonstrated on the feature as host Jason Bradbury got to grips with the augmented reality game board. Jason became immersed in the Kazooloo world as he jumped from side to side to avoid attacks from robots and monsters.

The show was aired on the prime time slots of 8pm Friday and 9pm Saturday. Since the show aired, Mookie have received a huge amount of interest from customers and press enquiring about Kazooloo.

Kazooloo is set to hit shelves this month in time for the Easter holidays. The virtual reality board will be launched with a heavyweight TV campaign, online pre-roll on popular gaming websites, vlogger support, magazine demos and instore support with FSDUs.

Kazooloo allows children to open up another dimension where they can battle against monsters and robots by scanning the Kazooloo board with their smartphone or tablet. Players become immersed in the Kazooloo world as it blends seamlessly with our own reality, leaving children unsure as to what is real and what isn’t. The aim of the game is to destroy and defeat the enemy using a range of different weapons; however kids must keep moving as the monsters will fight back.

You can watch the Gadget Show review of Toy Fair at the link below, the Toy Fair feature starts at 37 minutes.