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A new Pillow Pet friend is coming out!

24th July, 2014

A new Pillow Pets range is soon to be released…

Glow Pets!


This new amazing plush toy will illuminate your room, bringing your Pillow Pet to life. By simply pressing the button and activating the colorful LED lights, your daytime companion will transform into a nighttime buddy. Glow Pets create a magical and tranquil environment using over 30 LED lights, helping kids ease into a restful sleep. They remain as soft and cuddly as their original Pillow Pet friends because of the tiny powerful LED lights that can’t be felt within the pillow.

Glow Pets will be perfect for story time and sleepovers, with the lights turning off automatically after 20 minutes. This new line will consist of six new colorful versions and is sure to capture any child’s imagination.

A Glow Pets TV commercial will be aired throughout the rest of the year, backed with a high impact marketing campaign.

They are expected to be in stores during August time.