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More About Pebli

Pebli Town is a connected pre-school toy from Toys Alive. It uses fun traditional play pieces and a physical play board that interact with a tablet to bring the toy to life.

Pebli Town comes with 4 exciting interactive game modes; Story Teller, Games, Story Creator and Video Room. The board uses hot spot technology, which means that any actions on the board are translated to the tablet. 99% of all game play is done on the board with the physical characters, so children don’t have to directly interact with the tablet.

Pebli Town connects to a tablet using Bluetooth and you can simply download the free Pebli Town App and your child will be able to create their very own magical world of play.

Pebli Town is designed for children aged 3+ and is compatible with Apple and Android tablets.

Up to 4 children can play at once, allowing for children and parents to interact with each other.

Pebli Town includes a Pebli board, a board cover, 4 figures and 4 locations. Tablet is not included.

Pebli Town has four play modes; Story, Games, Create and Videos.

Story mode – Educational stories that allow children to discover new and exciting adventures by choosing the path the characters take, there are 4 interactive stories with 22 alternative endings.
Game mode – Children can enjoy hours of engaging game play and test their problem solving and comprehension skills, 4 different games with 25 levels each.
Create mode – Children can choose their favourite characters, record their own voice, add special effects and direct stories. Then watch their creations back in the Pebli cinema. Unlimited opportunity to create stories.
Video mode – Access 200 pre-approved child friendly educational and entertaining videos, each relating to a Pebli Town character.

Educational Benefits
• Multiple level games encourages problem solving and develops fine motor skills
• Fun animation and rich video content helps widen vocabulary and spark imagination
• Recording and producing stories encourages creativity, imagination and self-expression.
• Interactive play and touch help build hand-eye coordination, focus