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Tailball is the easy to play, fun racquet sport which is perfect for developing childrens tennis skills. Tailball is endorsed by Judy Murray who truly believes in the developmental benefits which it has to offer. Judy Murray says Tailball is a genius invention. The tails make the ball move more slowly so its a lot easier to hit and they also prevent the ball from rolling away when it hits the ground. Tailball is the perfect fun game for developing the hand-eye coordination you need for all racquet sports. ͛ It's easy to play just like tennis but with a unique foam Tailball - whacking and smacking fun for all the family. The unique flight allows you to hit the soft ball as hard as you can without losing control. It can fly high up in the air and will always land the right way up. The Tailball streamers slow and stabilise the flight of the ball, making throwing, striking and catching easier.

The Tailball Twin Base Net Set comes with a portable easy to construct net. The Net Set can be played anywhere on any surface, take it outdoors to the beach, park or garden, also suitable for indoor play. Once you have finished playing all of the contents pack away neatly into the base for easy transportation.