Germany Launch - Spreading our Little Bugs Wings!

Spreading our Little Bugs Wings! 

After winning many awards, it’s clear that our Bugs are loved by parents and industry professionals alike. So much so, that parents of a little boy in Germany managed to  get their hands on a Scuttlebug, despite it not being available throughout the country. After being so impressed with the product they decided to take matters into their own hands, becoming the official distributors of Scuttlebug throughout the whole of Germany. 

Launching a shiny new website specifically for the German market, making it so much easier for parents across the country to pick up some shiny new wheels for their little ones. 

Parents will have the option to choose between the classic Scuttlebug Bumble or Scuttlebug Beetle. So, whether your little one buzzes around like a bee or zooms across the path like a bug they will not be disappointed. 

This website has everything you need to know, concise information about the our ride-ons and all the history you need to know about where our bugs began. 

Follow this link to discover the brand new website…