Mookie History


1988 Mookie and Aviva Orr founded Mookie Toys in the garage of their home in Windsor Avenue, Edgware. After several years working together at Westhouse they decide to go it alone.


1989 Mookie Toys attends its first Harrogate Toy fair showing their first distribution partner – French manufacturing company Ecoiffier, who we are still working with today!


1991 Mookie Toys move to more conventional offices on Cannons Park Parade sandwiched between a lighting store and Stella’s ShoeStore.


1993 Gavin Gormley the South African golfing enthusiast and inventor of Swingball comes to London discuss a distribution opportunity. A deal is made for the rights to manufacture and sell worldwide. In the first year 60,000 units of the classic ‘pole in the ground’ are sold.


1996 We open our own distribution centre and offices in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. The previous owners left an immovable antique wooden table, it is still here in our board room today!


Euro 96’ comes to the UK. Mookie win the rights to distribute football merchandise in the UK, and Goaliath the mascot turns up to support the company at London Toy Fair.


Mookie Toys receive the very prestigious “Vendor of the Year” award from Toys R Us. A great achievement considering the business is only 8 years old and standing alongside other great heritage companies.


1997 England and Spurs legend Teddy Sheringham signs up to endorse our first new Swingball line since its invention in the 1970s. The  Soccer Swingball is launched with a nationwide TV and PR campaign.


1998 The France 98’ World Cup mania arrives and Mookie Toys supply the UK with football merchandise. Inflating and supplying over 500,000 balls from our Distribution Centre.

1999 Mookie opens a sourcing and merchandising office in Hong Kong to help support a growing international and FOB business. This helps facilitate better relationships with our Chinese factories and speeding up our product development.


2001 The Swingball All Surface Base is developed, expanding the Swingball range to eight products including a new basketball and multi-sport range. This helped to grow sales in the UK to 200,000 units a year across the brand.


2004 We secure a pan European deal as the official supplier of all Euro 2004 football merchandise. UEFA invite us to the tournament in Portugal to the delight of all our staff in the UK. Over 2 million balls were shipped and sold this year!


2005 A distribution agreement is signed with SmarTrike, launching the first multi-stage tricycle in the UK.


2006 An agreement with Spinmaster to distribute and market Swingball in the USA was agreed, with our friends in the states selling over 300,000 units in one summer season alone. A huge achievement!


2009 Mookie Toys continued with international expansion, Swingball is now distributed in Australia and Italy through NSR and Giochi Preziosi respectively.


2010 In August of this year we acquired UK sledge manufacturer JPR. Later that winter the UK experienced one of its biggest snowstorms for decades, over 200,000 sledges were sold in 2 months.


2011 Swingball hits a huge milestone…the 10 millionth sold!


2012 Mookie Toys take on our biggest acquisition to date…TP Toys. The amazing heritage brand TP is now brought under the Mookie Toys umbrella. Retaining many of the talented TP staff that are still with us today. A new TP direct to consumer website is launched, whilst we move down the road from its old headquarters to a brand new facility in Worcester.


Mookie Toys partner with Funtastic from Australia to launch Pillow Pets in the UK, moving us into the plush category for the first time. It launches to overwhelming success, selling over 300,000 in its first year and nominated for multiple awards.


2013 As a follow up within the Pillow Pets brand, Mookie Toys launch Dreamlites, the glow up plush. It quickly reaches 200,000 units in the UK and is nominated for Dream Toys.


2014 After much success distributing Scuttlebug and Scramblebug in the UK, we acquire the IP from Funtastic starting a global push for bigger distribution. The brand goes from strength the strength.


Celebrating the most popular UK outdoor toys 40th anniversary – Swingball. Loved by everyone from toddlers to pensioners.


2015 Mookie Toys sidesteps again and moves into the Arts and Crafts category taking on the 3D Maker brand instantly becoming the No.1craft brand in the UK as recorded by NPD. This starts a new push in development in this category.


2016 Mookie Toys partner with huge international manufacturer Silverlit to exclusively distribute their full range in the UK. Their range of robotics and remote control vehicles takes the company into even more distribution categories.


2017 Started development of our own Arts and Crafts IP in the shape of the Tybo brand. A totally unique and patented one way valve Orb which allows children to tie dye clothes mess free. This was a great collaboration with three lovely women inventors from Israel.


As demand for more innovation continued a purpose built design studio was required. The Mookie Design Barn was born. Set near Worcester, a three story barn conversion housing the design team, workshop, and creative space was occupied.


2018 Mookie Toys partner with Dutch company Yulu Toys to launch multiple new categories including dolls, pre-school and board games.


2019 As part of our strategic approach to working with great brands, Mookie Toys officially began exclusively distributing the Wham-O range of products.


We celebrated the 60th anniversary of the TP Toys brand. A ‘Great’ British iconic brand.


2020 We finally incorporate Mookie Toys USA and set up a distribution centre in Maryland. We exhibit for the first time independently at New York Toy Fair and partner with several respectable rep groups, unlocking Walmart, Target and Amazon business in our first year.


Tybo Design Studio, our innovative tie dye kit is nominated for our first National Parenting Seal of Approval Award in the US after overwhelming success in US retail.


Proud to announce that in our first year trading the Scuttlebug in the USA, we win the prestigious US Parenting Award.


2021 Mookie France is incorporated, giving us a platform to grow in the EU post Brexit. Swiftly followed up with the opening of our offices in the South of France to drive our outdoor range.


New TP Toys, Swingball and Scuttlebug websites are launched, with industry leading AR capabilities online allowing the user to place the three-dimensional products in their gardens to scale.