Scuttlebug & Scramblebug - Unique Toddler Ride Ons from Mookie!

These fantastic Scuttlebug and Scramblebug ride ons from Mookie Toys have sold nearly 400,000 across the last 3 years. They continue to be a huge favourite with mummy bloggers and parenting websites.

‘We love the Scuttlebug. It is fun for Freddy to play on and is developing skills which will help him to eventually ride a 2 wheeler when he's a bigger boy, such as balance and steering!’
Inside The Wendy House blog.

Mookie Toys had an exceptional year in 2013 with both of these products as shown by NPD figures.
Scuttlebug was in the top 5 properties YTD Dec 2013 and Scramblebug in the top 10 items YTD both in the non-powered ride ons category.

Toddlers will just love to scuttle around on these friendly cute insect character ride ons from Mookie Toys.
The Scuttle Bug is a unique ride on with three wheels for added stability and is ideal for toddlers aged 1 year and over. The 3-wheel design is stable and allows loads of fun and freedom. These innovative toddler trikes are also designed with convenience in mind. As well as being fun, bright and funky they have front wheel steering for greater manoeuvrability and a clever but simple three-click folding system, making them portable, easy to store and practical for the modern family. The Scuttle Bug is an ideal toddler toy that will help children burn off some energy whilst developing their balance and steering skills. They are quiet, smooth and easy to ride, ideal for a child’s first ride on.

The Scramble Bug is a unique foot-to-floor ride on that moves in all directions as all four wheels have 360 degree movement. Backwards, forwards and sideways, children will love the Scramble Bug’s easy to use steering and manoeuvrability. A child can move in any direction to learn pushing & steering skills. Quiet non-scratch wheels for tiles or floorboards makes them ideal for indoor as well as outdoor fun and like the Scuttle Bug they fold down to a compact size making them great to take on days out and holidays.

Melda Gokceli, Brand Manager at Mookie Toys has said ‘The exciting, vibrant new designs will add to the already successful Scuttlebug and Scramblebug range. They will be backed by an extensive summer TV and PR campaign and we are looking forward to another successful year at retail.’  

The issue is the not whether to buy one of these unique Mookie ride ons, but which one to choose!
Both the Scuttle Bug and the Scramble Bug have won awards across the globe for their great designs. In the UK the Scramble Bug has won a Silver Award in the Practical Pre-School Awards and a highly commended in the Sit and Ride category in the Right Start Toy Awards 2010. Similarly the Scuttle Bug has also been recognized in the Practical Pre School Awards and won the Gold Award in the category Toys and Games 0-3 years. It was also voted the best toddler toy £20-£40 in the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine awards.