Please select from the brands/products below to see some of our frequently asked questions. If you still can't find what you're looking for send us a message and one of the team will be able to help.

The assembly instructions and dimensions for most current TP products are available on the www.tptoys.com website. Just go to the product and in Specification under Assembly you will find a link to the instruction manual. If you cannot see the product or instruction link for the item that you have please email help@mookie.co.uk with as much information to identify the product as possible. We will then email a PDF to you.

Replacement parts for TP products are available from the website www.tpspares.com . If you cannot see the part you are looking for please call 01609 881 911 during normal office hours.

Splits are a natural characteristic of wood and they will open and close with the amount of moisture in the air. These would not normally impact the structure of the frame unless a split goes through where a fixing is positioned. If you have any concerns please email a photo showing the problem to help@mookie.co.uk and we will advise.

The amount of dyeing that can be done with the Tybo sets varies, as it does depend on the thickness and size of the items to be dyed. This is a toy craft set for children to use, and not an alternative for proper home dye product. 

The small collar on the bottom tube must be underneath the lid and not on top of it. Place the foot of the bottom pole in the small cup in the bottom of the base. Then slide the lid over the top of the pole, fill the base with sand or water, push the lid down so that it sits on the collar and clip the lid down to the base. 

Attach the ball and tether to the head of the Swingball at an angle. One side of the string loop needs to be higher than the other for it to travel up and down the grooves in the spiral head.

We advise all customers not to amend or add to models as it changes the strength and stability of the product. The tubes are also different diameters for different models. We do not take responsibility for damages and injuries that may occur from a modified item.

It can take a bit more pressure to click the handlebars into place than some people expect. The best way is to line the handlebars up into the correct position and give each one a sharp slap on the top. This should lock the push-pins down into the socket. Please be careful not to injure yourself when doing this.

Pupbo arrives as a newborn and needs to be trained to take commands. When he is first turned on he will perform a welcome action and will not take commands until he has completed this. When Pupbo is standing still with solid green eyes he is ready to take a command. The video at this link shows the commands that Pupbo can be trained to obey https://www.dropbox.com/s/jfqphcy3pbpd4bp/Pupbo_Demo_Video_170703.mp4?dl=0 .Instructions can be downloaded here:http://silverlit.com/a/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/88520_pupbo_IM_EN_R3-01.jpg It is important for Pupbo's eyes to be the correct colour when a command is given and you may have to repeat the command two or three times to get him to obey it. As Pupbo is played with, he develops and becomes easier to train; you can track this on the App.If you rename Pupbo his new name should have at least two syllables.This link is to a video we made showing our Pupbo learning a command with the Smart Bone https://youtu.be/AnuguUeOLd0 .